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About Us


The PPSL polymer technology is the basis of our highly advanced application technical services concepts. 

Success comes from strong and competitive technology and a closer relation with the supplier for efficient team working; where growth and innovation of new products is the goal, PPSL is the natural choice.

We make it our business to know about our customers needs so the starting point for the services is always the customer end products that include the product formulation, production technique and any other parameter that required careful attention Our aim is to offer active partnership to optimize your resources to make your company more profitable by improving your food
products, its quality, shelf-life and consumer acceptability by using the existing formulation and technology to its most cost effectiveness & to help the customer to develop new concepts or turning the thoughts in to a new
sophisticated  consumer oriented products with utilisation of our technical know how and hydrocolloids, that creates new market opportunity for your company. We would never claim that we know more about our customers products or market but we are sure that the contribution we make will save customers valuable time and their efforts resulting in improved productivity  yielding higher profits. 

Though the human resources within the organisation provide the raw material and energy for the success, PPSL supply extra drive and act as the catalyst  in
the process for the mutual benefits and for the most desirable outcome that
leads to success for our customers.


Our Aims


  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.


  • To provide the best customer service possible.