Perfect Polymer


Systems Limited

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" To provide the best possible Macromole hydrocolloids, polymer systems & application know-how to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing customers "


Perfect Polymer Systems Limited (PPSL), started (1994) from a strong base of knowledge & experience in the area of hydrocolloids and their behaviour in food, pharmaceutical and industrial products. 

 PPSL Macromole polymers are combination of high quality, standardised hydrocolloids: mainly of natural origin and modified cellulosic gums. 

PPSL Macromole polymers are tailor made solutions for a specific application according to our customer requirements.

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Finding Solutions

Whatever your need in the pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic industry our proprietary Macromole products can help with our bespoke solutions to suit your requirements.

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Innovative Products

New product developments for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry -  In food our product range can cater for the allergy free market - including gluten, soya and egg free products.

Contact Us

 Please feel free to contact us regarding any product enquiries to see if we can be of assistance. Details are on the contact page.